Virtual web hosting

Web hosting is the most important service available to shell account users. You can use your home directory to store as many web sites as you like, limited only by your account filespace quota. Full CGI/FastCGI scripting is available, as well as modern environments like Tomcat, Zope, and Ruby on Rails. SSL is, of course, supported, as is comprehensive transfer logging and access to a high performance SQL server for creating online databases.

Before you can host a virtual web site, you will need to register an Internet domain with OpenSRS, Nominet or another naming authority. Arachsys can handle the registration process for you; if we do this, we will provide the required name servers and can help you configure the web server within your shell account to handle this domain at no extra cost. If you are hosting a virtual web site, you will probably also want to consider receiving mail sent to an address within the domain.

FTP upload accounts

If your clients want to update their website themselves, you can set up restricted FTP upload accounts for them within your own shell account, at no extra cost. This will give them limited access to a specified subdirectory of your filespace, effectively enabling them to alter their own site. For security reasons you should not grant them permission to upload or modify files that will be executed, such as PHP or CGI scripts.