Technical support

Being a relatively small company, Arachsys prides itself on providing a friendly face as well as expert specialist technical support. The preferred method of contacting our support team is by electronic mail: this makes it easier to direct your question to the right person and allows us to provide a much more detailed reply. Most requests made by email between 8:00am and 12:00am will be answered within a few minutes.

It is also possible to contact our technical support team by telephone during normal office hours. If no one is immediately available to help you, we will usually return your call within half an hour.

The support team is happy to provide our customers with general advice on networking and UNIX-based servers and will usually be willing to assist in setting up systems on an individual consultancy basis.


For enhanced reliability, we operate multiple redundant web, mail and DNS servers. If one server fails, another will automatically take over its job, ensuring uninterrupted service. In common with many other hosting providers, we are committed to at least 99.5% reliability; in practice our systems are considerably more reliable than this.