Other shell account features

In addition to the main web and mail facilities, the Unix-compatible shell account we provide allows you to do many things that are not possible or convenient with only dial-up access to the Internet. For instance, you can set up and run small to moderate-sized mailing lists, or perhaps run a periodic job which fetches and collates information from the Internet and mails you periodic digests or updates a database held in your filespace.

Standard shells including bash, tcsh and zsh, and networking tools such as FTP, rsync, ssh and telnet are all provided for general use. Available applications include a range of editors, several online mailers, a version control system, a database engine (PostgreSQL), a text-mode web browser, useful web development tools like weblint and ImageMagick, and a huge selection of programming tools including standard libraries, preprocessors (such as cpp and m4), interpreters (such as Perl, Python, Guile and Hugs), and the famous GNU C, C++ and Objective-C compilers. Other software may be installed on request, although we will generally only install and support Free Software whose source we can check and freely modify as necessary.