Other shell account features

In addition to the main web and mail facilities, the Unix-compatible shell account we provide allows you to do many things that are not possible or convenient without a permanent, high bandwidth internet connection. For instance, you can set up and run small to moderate-sized mailing lists, or run a periodic job to fetch and process online data.

Standard shells including bash, tcsh and zsh, and networking tools such as FTP, rsync, ssh and telnet are all provided for general use. Available applications include a range of editors, several online mailers, version control systems such as git and hg, database engines (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite), and a huge selection of web development and programming tools including standard libraries, preprocessors (such as cpp and m4), interpreters (such as Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby), and the standard GNU C, C++ and Objective-C compilers so you can compile any additional software you need within your own shell account.