Price guide

Shell accounts

Account size Price per year
5 GB, 10 GB transfer/month £200.00+VAT
15 GB, 30 Gbyte bandwidth/month £350.00+VAT

There is no further charge for hosting virtual web and mail domains. For example, you could buy a 512 MB account and subdivide it between ten 50 MB sites without incurring any additional charges except domain registration fees. We do reserve the right to make additional administration and setup charges, for example when setting up DNS for domains not registered through Arachsys.

Please note all accounts are subject to our Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy.

Internet domain registration

There is a standard domain registration charge of £20+VAT per year for domains registered through Nominet or OpenSRS. All domain registrations are subject to the relevant terms and conditions: The OpenSRS contract and ICANN Policy, or the Nominet terms and conditions for .uk domains.

Other products and services

For pricing on FTP-only hosting accounts and stand-alone IMAP/POP3 mail boxes, please contact us for a quote.