Mail domain hosting

All Arachsys shell accounts include the ability to receive Internet email at an email address. You can automatically filter this mail into different folders based on a range of criteria including the subject and the sender or receiver address. The contents of these folders can be read using online mail tools with your shell account or collected by your local IMAP or POP3 mail client.

Shell users can also host whole mail domains from their account. Mail sent to different addresses in the domain can be delivered to local mailboxes or forwarded to other Internet mail hosts. Before you can do this, you will need to register your domain with OpenSRS, Nominet or another naming authority. Arachsys can handle the registration process for you; if we do this, we will provide the required name servers and configure our mail transport agent to receive and deliver this mail at no extra cost.

Additional mail boxes

We can supply additional independent IMAP/POP3 mail boxes for a nominal charge. These will have a different login name and password from your shell account and so they are ideal for supplying to third parties as part of a value-added package.