Welcome to Arachsys

Arachsys is a well established hosting provider specialising in web application platforms (such as Tomcat and Ruby on Rails) running on unix and high reliability DNS and mail domain hosting. Our core product is a flexible Unix shell account package which is principly aimed at independent web designers and design agencies. This includes easy ssh, telnet and FTP access to our servers from anywhere on the Internet; unlimited virtual web and mail domain hosting (subject only to a total filespace quota); a multidrop POP3/IMAP mail box with sophisticated filtering support; and comprehensive technical support. For your clients, we can supply additional mail boxes and FTP upload accounts.

We have also recently introduced a range of stand-alone POP3/IMAP mail boxes and small FTP-only web hosting accounts which provide an ultra low cost route onto the web for companies just requiring an email address or with a single small site to host. Further details are available on our extras page.

Please contact us for a quote or further details on any of our products and services.